Operational maturity is a differentiator for companies of all sizes. With SpendBoss, small and mid-sized companies can operate with powerful spend / asset management and analytics that are easy to deploy and easier to use!


We put top-line focus on your bottom-line needs. SpendBoss manages operational costs associated with multi location spend. As a business, you need a tool that helps you save money, control costs, manage budgets and react quickly to your location managers' needs.

Remove maverick spending
Track spending in real-time and make decisions before money is spent
Manage budgets at every level of your organization
Simple and affordable monthly subscription
GL & Project codes for tracking and accounting
No long-term commitments or set-up fees


SpendBoss provides simple, intuitive and flexible tools that make it easy for you and your staff to stay in control of your spend, and gets your managers engaged with their location and customers.

Consumer-like web and mobile/tablet user experience
Easy to read reports and analytics
Single catalog ordering experience
Customizable categories


SpendBoss allows you to use innovative technologies that are simple to adopt and require no IT involvement. Because SpendBoss is 100% cloud-based, we'll take care of all the heavy lifting while you get back to work!

Cloud based solution that requires no IT support
Integrate any and all suppliers and vendors
Easily run alongside existing infrastructure
Access applications and functionality via the web, mobile or tablet from anywhere, anytime
Free upgrades and improvements


With AssetBoss you have the ability to track assets using a combination of your existing information from SupplyBoss while adding new asset categories. Your Users, Locations, & Hierarchy are already there

Use your existing SupplyBoss information with new asset categories
AssetBoss can stand alone if you don't currently use SupplyBoss
Know where your assets are and who is using them
I don’t want store managers to have to remember how much bleach they have! The technology should coach them, guide them and get out of their way.

Mike Barrow, VP of Retail at Tommy Bahama


When it comes to managing your spend, SpendBoss gives you control and budget features that not only effectively eliminate maverick spending, but enforce location level compliance with corporate spend management initiatives.


SpendBoss works the way you want your location managers to work – on the go and engaged. Your location managers deserve easy-to-use, mobile and tablet ready spend management tools while you get the control and data you need to run the business.

Connect and shop in real time
Find the right product, specific to user location
Control orders from requisition to receipt
Approve, edit or deny requisitions and receive orders
Optimized for mobile and tablet-ready experience


SpendBoss wraps incredibly useful functionality and easy-to-navigate product design in one great experience.

Get the same rich and engaging on-line experience as when you shop like a consumer
Rapid company-wide adoption
Complete tasks faster with streamlined processes requiring fewer touches
Customize the experience with company specific lingo, descriptions and language
Keep users informed of what’s going on with their supply orders
Customizable shopping lists for faster order placement and higher efficiency


Get the power of sophisticated insights and reports right at your fingertips when you use SpendBoss to identify trends and cost savings opportunities.

Real-time data gives you insight into spend activity
Track spend activity to better manage budgets and demand
Gain control rapidly with interactive dashboards and reports
Evaluate vendor pricing
Easily manage spend with no IT involvement


Take your supply order fulfillment strategy to the next level, pushing orders to your locations without manager requisitions.

Place orders on behalf of the location manager
Automated notifications alert location managers that an order has been placed on their behalf
Select the range of locations for which you would like to push orders
Never run out of business critical items due to mistimed orders


Ensure you have just the right amount of inventory on hand for your locations to operate effectively and efficiently - eliminate hoarding and overfilled stock rooms with SpendBoss.

Review and assess inventory levels across the company
Identify risks and opportunities
Analyze item and supplier performance
Establish safety stock levels per location


Configure spending controls and processes that result in staying on budget 100% of the time.

Simple period based budget set-up and configuration
Arrange hierarchy for budgets across corporate, region, division, and location levels
Manage budgets by period, region, location, project, item, etc.
View company-wide spend and budget status in real-time
Configure alerts to prevent overspending


Requisitions can be reviewed from anywhere, anytime. Approvers are notified in real-time when an order requires their involvement where they can approve, edit or deny requests. Status is immediately updated for visibility by the person placing the request.

Alerts approvers when orders are pending
Review all orders awaiting approval
Accelerate order processing with simple and quick approval notifications
Simplify requisition and purchase order workflows