The Bosses

These are the people responsible for creating the experience enjoyed by our users. From rock climbers to extreme gamers…we’ve got a little bit of everything here! But the one thing we share in common is as our unparalleled passion for our customers’ success.


Founder, Executive

Having Scott at the helm means you’re riding the waves on a ship with purpose and destination.  To this, he steers with quality, performance, flexibility and innovation with a dash of humor that lightens the path for employees and clients alike.



Marc wakes up every morning inspired by a single purpose – to passionately try saving the world, one creative solution at a time.  An inspiration for energy, he gets employees, clients and other stakeholders excited about how great life can be, then makes it happen.  Marc is driven to excellence by igniting clients toward deep engagement that surpasses simple transactions.



Joel is an extreme technology polyglot go-getter that can juggle a thousand things at once. As a software genius and creator of sites and applications, he pilots the technical development team with a sharp analytical sense and an open, creative mind.